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# 1 29-04-2006 , 07:01 AM
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help with tank tread

Hi, I have a tank tread, finished, animated, and working well, but now I don´t know how to duplicate it with the animation, if someone knows how do that please tell me, I don´t want to do another tank tread, it´s a very tedious task be attaching link by link and put all in a perfect position. I going to appreciate any suggestion.

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Can you describe (or better yet, show) your tank tread? I'm not sure what method you used to create your tread (there are several), but if you used nurbs curves and deformers, you should be able to group the links, the deformer, and the curves and duplicate the group!

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# 3 05-05-2006 , 08:44 AM
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sorry for not reply quicly. I solve the error already, the vertex in the cv curve were not tangent completly, but thanks for offer your help.

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