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# 1 19-06-2006 , 03:09 PM
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Camera problem

I made a smal animation but my cameras aren't working like I want em to work.
I placed a new camrea, named it Test_1. If i plca that camera in front, from the read rotate it or what ever is posssible i'm alwais having the same render. I went to render options and speciated that i wana render Test_1 but i't isnd working...
And when i tryed to render from perspective i had the same problem if i was batch rendering user added image

can some one help me ?

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# 2 19-06-2006 , 03:34 PM
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not quite sure wats happenin
but go into that camera so the viewport ur in is viewin wat u wat it to render

specify that cam in render globals an then try to render

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# 3 20-06-2006 , 02:21 PM
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go to the camera attribute editor and drop open the "output settings" tab and uncheck "renderable" on the cameras you don't want to render. Then select the camera you do want to render in the render globals.

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