Maya for 3D Printing - Rapid Prototyping
In this course we're going to look at something a little different, creating technically accurate 3D printed parts.
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May/June Final NEWBIE Entries!

Post your finals here! Only final entries, please. If you'd like to comment on them, please do so at their original thread.

Final entries that are attached to the forum should be no larger than 640x480. If you'd like to post larger images, please link to them from your own hosting. Feel free to post wires, texture maps, etc and describe your entry. Preferably with your animation videos, host them elsewhere to avoid having to compress them too much to fit in an attachment. Make sure you link to any codecs that you are using if possible.

Only images and videos posted in the final entry threads will be considered up for the final judging.


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My May/June Final NEWBIE Entry!
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Well Heres my entry, Its the Protoss Dragoon from Starcraft, with a Walk Sequence. It was for a Civilization 4 Modification, But there is no .NIF plugin For Maya, to allow me to export it. Anyway its 1200 Triangles exactly, and was animated with all required actions, but I only used the Walk Sequence as my final Entry.

For reference Images to compare to animation For those that never played Starcraft:

Actual Dragoon Unit in the Game:

Here is a Video of the Dragoons animation ingame (its a long clip about 8 minutes, but the first minute shows the dragoon in action.)

Please go Easy on me, Because this is my first animation done.

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File Type: zip protoss dragoon walk (98.0 KB, 217 views)
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May/June Challenge Entry

Phew got it in just in time. Heres my final boss death scene where the enemy leader is caught on a balcony and there is a sort of cutscene/sequence of his death. it could also just be someone being shot of a balcony.

Heres the final blast

Constructive critisism welcome on my WIP link as its my first ever 'Simply' challenge


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