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In this start to finish texturing project within Substance Painter we cover all the techniques you need to texture the robot character.
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May/June Challenge Final NEWBIE Entries!

Post your finals here! Only final entries, please. If you'd like to comment on them, please do so at their original thread.

Final entires should be no larger than 640x480. If you'd like to post larger images, please link to them from your own hosting. Feel free to post wires, texture maps, etc and describe your entry.

Only images posted in the final entry threads will be considered up for the final judging.


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Well, this is the best I could do with this scene with such a short, 4 day deadline. I was bored out of my wits thinking of something else to add. I think it came out o.k. This is a mechanized cyborg/organic demon of a fish. Uhh... I didnt have time to create any textures, nor did I do the UV Layout (i hope me saying this wont affect how you rate my scene), I used a ramp for it... the environment is just a ramep which I applied a bump map of some other texture I had (seamless Mold on Wall), but it didnt turn out so bad. The lighting is an inward Volume light with intensity of 0.750, and four directional lights each with intensity of 0.250. The materials are all Blinns, and the ramp that I used had chromatic aberration and refraction and reflection limit on maximum. It didnt look so good on the body, because it added that paintjob look, but on the far head, it added a sleek look. Ummm... the poly count is 100,000 polys ( a bit too much by my opinion, but my machine handles it fine, about as fine as driving a ferrari up a mountain :shakehead). Anyway, heres the pic.

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It's not much but I'm proud of it, since this is my first project ever.That cartoon dog tutorial was an enormeus help, not to mention the help I got from all of you answering my threads and everyone elses. The idea was to make a Linux custom penguin.
Basicly these are all nurbs spheres (obvious) maybe a couple of cylinders too.For the texture I used the windows paint (got Photoshop on my list) so it's not much.It has 4 directional lights, front ones 550 each and the back ones 750 each.It has a sphere around it.

I even made a 1sec clip (that took me 6hrs rendering) with a simple tapping of the foot, but I still have a bug with it.

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Here My Final Render
Im Having to sumbit at this stage as the file corrupted itslefuser added image
The shark is made from Nurbs and then Converted to Polygons and then a smooth was finally applied, i then played around with the renders to achive the cel shaded effect

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Sorry forgot to include the image with the last post

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Ok, here's it:

The Lobstark project!! It is made from a poly shark, then mixed with lofted curves to form the shell, added some nurbs curves and then converted to polys and combined all. Hope the reflections won't cause any bad for me...

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Summin went wrong and the image didnt post and I cant delete the above post user added image.

Heres the picture...

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user added image *vote for me*

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Ok here is my Brown Trout. I decided to scrap the Texture this weekend and re make it. I've pretty much spent all Saturday through to Monday on it. I've learnt a lot about texturing and Photoshop because of this challenge. I was going to do a pebbly bottom, but I ran out of time.

I'm also going to post some pics of the trout without any environment in my Original Thread .

And finally thanks for all your help guys.

Here is the final result.

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Well I'm really dissapointed. I've got fog and textures in my scene, it's looking pretty much how I wanted it, and its ready for a final post. I've been working pretty hard on this challenge for 2 months, and a storm a few nights ago here in the UK has affected my wireless broadband connection at home, it's been steadily deteriorating until finally yesterday at around 2pm it gave up the ghost, leaving me no way to be able to post my final entry. It'll be fixed by the time I get home from work - it's just typical user added image

I'll post my finished work when i get home, I understand that it won't be counted.



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