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# 1 19-08-2006 , 06:29 AM
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maya not saving

maya is not saving my preferences , toolsbars I make , and everytime i start it shows that box to teach you lessons ..i have deleted preference folder and started all over ..but each time i open it lately it starts off all new and i have to reset everything ...all my settings ..anyone know why it is not saving anything

# 2 19-08-2006 , 04:10 PM
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Yo mmoore

how much space have you left on the hard drive? sometimes it can be something as simple as this, swap space and all that crap can be a bit of a bugger.

Check your temp folder it may have a ton of Maya disk cache stuff in there causing it to defer to the default settings.


# 3 19-08-2006 , 08:13 PM
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Make sure your "my documents" folder is not a top level drive ( like D: ). For instance, I use a hard drive exclusively for my documents, and in order to make Maya save preferences, I had to move my documents to a sub folder.

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