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# 1 05-12-2006 , 10:31 PM
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Render from a specific camera

I have a small scene and I added a camera that is animated with a simple rotation about an object. I want to render my scene (only about 1200 frames) through the camera I added: "camera1".

I set "camera1" as the camera in the render globals , and I set camera1 to "Renderable" in the camera output settings.

However, no matter what I try, when I select Render->Batch Render, Maya renders from through the Persp camera! Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Thanks!!

I am running Maya 7 on OSX.

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# 2 06-12-2006 , 12:44 AM
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have you tried batch rendering (even if it's just like 2 frames) to a different camera besides camera1? try an orthographic viewport, or create another camera and see if you can render from any of those...

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I tried after you suggested it... I set a different camera in the render globals, press close, open the globals again, and it had changed back to the perspective camera. I am very confused... I deleted all the cameras and remade them and the problem seems to be gone. Oh well.

Thanks for your help though!!

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