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i see NURBS and SubD in black color always

i see NURBS and SubD in black color always (even if i change colors ) in design mode (but it's ok when rendered). I tried Maya 7.0 and Maya 6.5 but still da problem persist.How do i correct this......??????

check out da print screen i posted wit da message

the other problem is i cant render to movie format, when i do da batch rendering to avi format only da first frame is rendered in da avi file (even if i selects 1 to 150 th frame) but dis works fine wit vector rendering.

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Hmm, that's an interesting problem with the subds and nurbs. I gather that poly geometry will display fine in the same panel as the misbehaving subds and nurbs?
The only thing I can think of that's not a graphics card issue would be to try pressing 5 or 6 (smooth shade and texturing respectively) in each of your panels.

Another thing I'm wondering is, Do they turn up okay in a hardware render? If not then I'd be inclined to think it was indeed an issue with the card or drivers. Mine does funny things with subds, but for fifty one bucks, I'm happy it does anything 3d in Maya.:p

As to your second issue, what do you mean exactly? Have you set the "Image Format" to be an "AVI(avi)"? If you select the Window->Rendering Editors->Render Settings menu item, you'll get the screen that lets you set this and other rendering options, like the number of frames, etc. Afterwards, you need to do a Batch Render to render all frames of the sequence, and not just the current one.


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Problem in avi

hey guys pls someone help i have problem that when i try to apply avi texture on any material it applies perfectly and also plays correctly in prespective but when i render it it shows fully black surface pls someone help me i m trying to search solution from a long time but cant find it pls some one tell me the soluton i ll very thankful to u

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