Integrating 3D models with photography
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# 1 08-12-2002 , 09:19 PM
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Don't know how to scale multiple faces.

Take a cube and select two faces opposite each other. Select the move tool and move it left or right. As you can see, both faces move left when you move the move tool handle and and move right when you move the tool handle right. If you select both faces and go to extrude face, then move the manipulator outward from the box, both faces move away from each other. Is there a way to move both faces away from each other without using the extrude face or scale tool? I actually am going to apply this to something more complex.

You see, I have a model of a dinosaur. I selected all the faces, then chose Duplicate Faces. I then scaled down. When you do this, it scales down each face without moving it to a different possition. It is the equivilent of selecting every face once at a time and scaling it down. If you were to select all the faces then scale it down using the scale tool, however, you would just scale down the size of the entire object.

# 2 08-12-2002 , 10:29 PM
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Errr...I'm not sure if I follow but have you tried turning on the Polygons -> Tool Options -> Keep Faces Together. Then try again what ever you were doing user added image

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# 3 10-12-2002 , 06:25 PM
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sounds like a local/global thing, but that only affects move

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# 4 11-12-2002 , 09:46 AM
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try moving the pivot point.. press insert to go into pivot mode and press insert again to go out..

# 5 11-12-2002 , 08:29 PM
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Look in the Duplicate Face option box for the Seperate Duplicated Faces option user added image


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# 6 30-12-2002 , 03:13 PM
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why won't the scale tool work in this case... To me it seems that the answer may lie there.

# 7 30-12-2002 , 08:00 PM
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No, no, no. Your all wrong. I suppose I need to explain a bit more. I'll try to get an image up that explains some of this in greater detail soon. It's just such a hassle to get an image from my Maya computer to the internet computer, which is why I really haven't responded to this thread. Ok. Just hold on until I get motivated enough to do it all.

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