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Object displaying black after freezing, also faces shared by multiple groups after..

Export and import?

My lamp shade was showing huge normals - even once I tried to adjust the size. So I froze it's transformations, now it shows black in the viewport. It renders fine though.

I've tried unnasigning and assigning materials, no difference.

Also, I tried to export then import it. Upon import, I get a warning advising me the it contains faces containing faces shared by multiple groups. I get that often, though I am carefull with modeling, and have cleaned it up.

Anyone able to help with these issues - especially the black display.



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the objects that display black are because thier normals are reversed but what caused it is the freezing of transforms, i'm guessing that they were mirrored geo with a - scale value.If you freeze transforms on mirrored geo you will see a warning the the opposite attribute will be set and could cause problems (hence the reversed normals).To solve the issue of further problems down the line i.e wierd scaling select the geo that is black and hit ctrl + A to bring up the attribute editor and go down to the Render Stats tab and uncheck Double Sided followed by unchecking Opposite then rechecking Double Sided. you can now reverse the normals if needed and all will be fine.
If you mirror geo and do not combine and merge verts (in other words leave it as it's own object then this will always happen if you freeze the transforms, it is not an issue if you combine and merge with the other half to make a whole object.

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Hi jsprogg,

it wasn't mirrored or duplicated, but unlocking and then softening the normals done the trick.

thanks again,


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