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Any Melbourne, Australia Animation job offers?

hello guys, im from melbourne, australia and was just wondering what animation jobs are there out there in melbourne where i might be able to work in the future after i finish school etc since im still in school ... (just browsing around what is out there)

ived searched though a couple of job sites though i really cant find anything on animation or jobs which use maya ... only thing i can find is really Atari...

anyone from melbourne which could help me out?

thanks, marlon

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Have you hads a look on cgtalk? Theres a jobs section on there.

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Yeah MJ, cgtalk is a good place to look. TBH normal job sites don't usually carry these types of jobs. As its a real speciality still. Try CG Talk as Steve has suggested, but also try or also they have a jobs section too.

Dont b shy to pick up non paid work too. its stuff to add to your CV.

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I'm from Torquay and i get the occasional job hear and there. Most of them are simple stuff like logo animations. Any Job offer is a good one though. All of the stuff is for online so it can be done from anywhere. You don't have to limit yourself to your country (Unless you want a job at an office or something).

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Hmm. I had someone email me a whole list of game developers in Australia. Most of them of are really small and make mobile games and stuff except for Torus. I'll post the list here when I get home.

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You can also get job sites like seek to auto email you when certain jobs are listed, ie Jobs with Maya or 3D etc.

Good Luck

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@ Steve - have now, its a shame that i coudnt find any in my location...

@ Chris - "Dont b shy to pick up non paid work too. its stuff to add to your CV." yeah definately user added image thanks for the links aswell man,

@ Some Guy - that sounds like fun, cool... yeah i really dont have to limit myself from my location though most animation jobs ived searched say that relocation stuff :S

@ BMS - wow i never knew that, gonna try do it now ... thanks for that tip my friend user added image

@ Architect - sweet thanks soo much man user added image link was really great ...

Thanks everyone for the feedback, appriciate it alot guys user added image


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