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Being an art student carries with it the need to take certain classes, and in my past (almost)-three years in college, I have found no LA (Liberal Art) class more appealing than art history. In the past, I've taken art history courses for the 15th and 19th centuries.

As well as those two on-campus classes, the school has had study-abroad programs, which take students around the globe to view the art and culture of other countries...

...but mostly art :p

In 2005, the destination was Paris. Last year (06), they offered Paris and Italy; having gone to Paris already, I went to Italy. This year, the destination is Spain.

On the 30th of May, I'll be taking off for Spain, and won't be back until the 16th of June (but jet-lag and over-exhausted legs might delay me a day more; we do a lot of walking!).

Some of the cities I will (most likely*) be visiting are Granada, Seville, Cordoba, Madrid and Barcelona.

Why do I mention all this?

To brag and make you all feel bad; haha!

Kidding :p user added image

I mention this because I will be taking a camera and a 2-gig stick of storage space with me, so if anyone would like pictures of something taken, now is the time to let me know; specific pieces of art, statues (c'mon, we're 3D artists :p ), museums, cathedrals, etc...

Two things to keep in mind:

I. I may be limited by (1) where we go, and (2) how anal the musuems/churches we visit are about letting tourists take photographs.

II. Our group will be going to specific places and looking at specific pieces. I've added some keywords below, so that you can get an idea of where I'll be going, and who/what I will be looking at (artists, as well as pieces):

Places (as above): Granada, Seville, Cordoba, Madrid and Barcelona.

Specific artists: Dali, Velasquez, El Greco, Francisco de Goya, Pablo Picasso, Miro, Gaudi, Pacheco and Zubaran.

Art styles and cultural/historical periods/influences: Gothic, Renaissance & Baroque, Baroque, Flemish Baroque, Dutch Baroque, Romanesque, Art Nouveau, African Art ("the first Cubists," so sayeth my reader), Mannerism & Late Renaissance, Reformation & Counter-Reformation, and the influences of Christianity and Islam in Spanish art.

Specific places: Goya's Tomb, various buildings by Gaudi, the Monestary Palace of Phillip II, Palacio Real, Museo Nacional del Prado, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, the Royal Botanical Gardens in Madrid, the Patrimonio Nacional.

* "most likely," meaning "is planned, but may change due to weather, time constraints, terrorists, etc..."

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Lol good luck.

i dont really have any places that i could think of but... i would be looking forwarred to see you back on this site user added image

and the pictures you take.


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Heck yeah I'll be posting pictures when I get back user added image

When I went to Italy last year, I took about 400 pictues and filled up a 512mb memory card for my digital camera. 400 was just about all I needed; by the time our trip was over, I had gotten all the images I cared for. But now that I'm bringing a 2-gig card (physically the same size as the 512 card; how the hell do they do it?! user added image ), I'm willing to take some requests and go on a photo-splurge. user added image

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Three-wheeled cars (really taking advantage of the fact that I'm going to a country known in part for it's art history, aren't ya? :p )


Anything from Gaudi's park.
Picasso & Dali meuseums.
Dali's Wall by itself, and through the lenses.


anything from the parc güell and the sagrada familia

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Originally posted by severinianthony
Heck yeah I'll be posting pictures when I get back user added image

When I went to Italy last yearÉ

I was about to post and say ÒNo, IÕm not jealous, because IÕd want to go to Italia instead (And IÕve been to Mexico before, which is close enough to Spain user added image )Ó, but now you can count me jealous.

Originally posted by severinianthony
* "most likely," meaning "is planned, but may change due to weather, time constraints, terrorists, etc..."

LOL, terrorists. XD

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have fun man

i know what you could get me a pic of, every countrys got them, one of those wierd little cars that you will probably NEVER see outside of that country but is like... all people drive there-like englands 3-wheelers lol:p

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Just wanted to say that I hope you have one heck of time. You can never take too many pictures either. I've been to Korea, Thailand, and Germany and each time I always regretted not taking more pics. See you when you get back.

P.S. If I didn't hate flying so much, I'd be jealous. I guess I could go by boat, so maybe I'm jealous too (hehe). Have fun!!!

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ya one of those type of weird carsuser added image

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user added image
I wish america had cars like this one!

I'm pretty jealous of you. Any kind of reference pics you want to take and share with simplymaya I would be greatful. Hope you have fun on your trip.

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Lol, it looks like a little kiddie car, or one of those electric cars you can rent and ride around in San Francisco (minus one wheel).

Anyway, sure, I'll see what I can get...with his Capitolio building and apartment building projects, I'm sure marlonjohn would love just about any architecture user added image

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anything from the gaudi park, picasso and dali museum. if you could take a picture of the wall (dali) with his girl friend and then a picture of that through the lenses standing there that would be perfect.
last time i went tehre i forgot my paparazi-advice.

and burn the miro museum down. f***ker spent 7 years on a line, how stoned was he??? worst musuem ever. friend fell asleep and some museums guest gave him money while he was asleep. like a bum,.. like a bum.

have fun and be careful...
like one teacher said to me (long time ago): they are all thieves. lol. at first we were laughin in the bus, but as we exited it two hand bags were cut open and some things were "missed".

user added image love the country

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anything from the parc güell and the sagrada familia should be interesting. If you go to barcelona spend the extra euros to go into the sagrada familia as well, it's worth it.

-have fun, oh yes San miguell is a good beer to drink in spain user added image

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i think this is the strangest vehicle youll see arround spain, but i do believe youll only see it on the piaggio stores themselves... somehow it still hanst catched XD

have fun and take care, you dont want to look like a tourist near prado/sol in madrid and the ramblas/gothic disctrict in barcelona... :evil: for some reason the thieves are bent on the japanese anways but you never know...

while you are on it, the "templo de Debod " is near enough of the orient palace and the cathedral in madrid to miss it, go take a pair of photos of it (best with the evenings twilight)
the route for a pair of days would be frist hour in the morning prado, then eating, then reina sofia, go drink something to huertas at night. Second day botanical garden maybe go to atochas memorial, then eating then palace and cathedral and last debod temple, and either drink something on one of the "terrazas" in "pintor rosales" or go to gran via or arguelles.

Lol maybe we cross in Cordoba, i plan to go there 13 to 16, dont miss the alhambra in granada and be prepared for the sagrada familia being full of scaffolds inside, it interesting to see how it is being constructed anyways... in any case the best photos of monuments youll always get on the tourists shop postcard place (or directly in flickr) anyways user added image... (and then the best ones of paints on art books) but you wont find photos of the interesting details there so... the curators wont be too anal about taking pictures IF you dont do it with flash...

food u cant miss:
a "cocido" in "la bola" restaurant, "patatas bravas y una caña" in "las bravas" and "chocolate con churros" in "San gines" all of them are near sol and are "typical spanish" XD

ah btw... any "you cant miss" places and, specially, a good hotel on central london that anybody can recomend me?

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Lol, that Piaggio MP3 looks like a cross between a motorcycle, a european car, and a tricicle...

I've been doing my homework ahead of time for the class, and when I'm in Spain I'll have one less thing to look after, so I'll be keeping a close eye on my things...*shifty eyes*

I can understand not using flash in some places; flash tends to damage some artwork, and that's why it's not accepted at the Sistine Chapel (Michelangelo's frescoes)...but some places are pretty anal about "no photos, period..." Specifically, the Academia in Florence, Italy; Michelangelo's David is so well lit by a skylight, you couldn't possibly need to use flash...but no, no pictures there...ah well, it all comes down to the place you go to user added image

I'll do my best to keep my eyes (and stomach) out for some of that food, thanks! user added image

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