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# 1 03-06-2007 , 07:19 AM
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Can't select Border edge

I have been trying for several days to figure out how to select an entire border edge. After I select "edge" from my hot box and select my edge I hold (ctrl) right click to bring up the secondary hot box. This is where I double left click(to select the border edge). When I try to double click on the edge only the single edge is highlited in orange. For some reason the entire border does not highlight.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong and can someone please suggest a solution.:headbang:

# 2 03-06-2007 , 07:22 AM
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just offering input and a non quick solution but you can shift-select the borders manually.. i know kind of noobish but it works..

# 3 03-06-2007 , 11:09 AM
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it may be that your faces aren't connected. try opening polygons>tool options and see if the keep faces together option is checked. if this isn't checked and you extruded, then the faces won't be connected and you can't select continous border edges. try selecting all the vertices and do merge vertex and try again.

also, post a picture - it just helps us see what's going on. user added image

# 4 04-06-2007 , 09:21 AM
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I still need help

Thanks arran but this has not sovled my problem. I am still very confused. Thankyou anyway.

# 5 04-06-2007 , 12:11 PM
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Maybe there's another edge directly on top of your selected edge?
Happened to me once when I attempted to extrude but forgot to pull out anything.

Check by selecting one edge and pull it aside.

Hope this narrows down you troubleshooting list.

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