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Question {Please Read}

Hello I am new to this forum and have a quick question on Maya. I have been following a Video Tutorial by Digital Tutor that one I am following is on Interior design.

My "problem/question" is that when he converts Polygons to SubDiv he has 3 different stages of the object. (View Image for this)

Step #1. This is the original shape before it is converted
Step #2. This is after he converts to Polygons to SubDiv
Step #3. Somehow he gets a much smoother shape by either deselecting the shape or some how dragging his mouse off the object...

Now I tried to do what he did but as you can see in the image. Mine only gets up to step 2. When I render I get the results as his step 3. But I don't get the results in the normal modeling view.

Does anyone know either how he did this or is there a way to do it? I think maybe its either a preference in Maya that he has, which I don't. Or that my graphics card isn't as good...Anyone know?

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Try hitting 3 on your keyboard.
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Thanks it worked now (For some reason it didn't work before)

Cheers user added image

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Jr. Who, this really is your day for answering questions, isn't it =D?


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Meh, I try. user added image

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