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# 1 26-04-2003 , 11:18 PM
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A dumb question... or not...

Here's something I've been wondering about the whole time I've been around here. Let's say I come here to check the newest posts on monday morning (terrible hangover, dull work ahead, bags under eyes etc). I'll find out that there has been 1529 new posts since I last visited the forum. As I don't have time to read through all the new posts at that exact moment I'll close the browser and try again later. But.. here's the problem... I would really love have a way to get that list again of these posts I didn't have time to read before.

Now, whenever I do a search for new posts, the board immediately assumes I will be reading all of these posts and marks them read. If I close the browser and come at another time my only chance is to go through all the forums and look at the icons on the threads to see if there is an unread post -> this is something I wouldn't want to do.

Am I dumb or is there another way? The way I personally would like this to work is that I'd be able to mark posts read on my own will... E.g. there could be a button labeled "Mark all posts read" rather than the system making the decision about it automagically user added image


p.s. i'm still standing... need more beer :p user added image

Love the community though. Keep it up everyone!

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# 2 27-04-2003 , 12:05 AM
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If you´re dumb, then I must be too, since I would personally like such a function too. I second the motion.
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Me too

Yeah, but no but yeah but no....
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