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Dumb question

Hi guys,

At the risk of being flamed at I'm going to ask a question that's probalby got a simple solution. Although say that, I asked numerous colleagues on my University course and they didn't know the answer! So here I go.

You know in Maya when you are in faces mode and you get those dots in the middle of the face to select it? Well mine are realy small and hard to see. I've searched all maenus and stuff but I can't find how to make them bigger. Same goes for vertices in fact.

please, can some one help.


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Try decreasing your monitor resolution :p

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Go into the Maya settings; Look under Display>Manipulators and you can resize those kind of things there. Maybe even try resetting those settings. Failing that, look under Display>Polygons, failing that, resort to my previous postuser added image

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Also, in Window > Settings/Preferences > Preferences, under the Selection section, you can change it so that you can select faces by clicking anywhere on the face, rather than the little handles.

# 5 20-08-2003 , 03:00 PM
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Thats how I have Mine set, don't like the dots at all, too Complicated to keep trying to get the dot in the right spot when your trying to do something fast and can't seem to get the dot in your move tool. It just gets me frustrated so I have it turnd off.

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also, it's sometimes easer to see if you are in wireframe mode.

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