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Mirroring and Duplicating Special with an offset


these seem to be two ways to create a copy of your geometry over an axis. With special duplication, any changes made will be copied over the axis. I get that much.

But, when I try and mirror my geometry, I get problems. If I do it without merging the halves, it is fine - but I need to then merge all the central vertices. When I set the parameter to merge the vertices, my mesh is badly deformed (not at home so no images just now). Say it is a head, with the mouth ajar - the mouth is filled and pinched and badly deformed (all my center vertices are at 0, so that's not the problem). It removes some of my vertices and adds new ones in the center.

Is there a way around this? Or, is using a duplicate special an acceptable alternative (not sure yet is they are for finished products or more for previewing).

Sorry i've no images just now but I think someone will know what I mean.



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I´d just stick to dupe special. you can negative scale the opbject around your desired axis. freeze transform then and invert normals, delete history. then you can combine and merge verts.

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Thanks for the reply.

from the experience I have using duplicate special does seem to work better for me.



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When you try and merge all the centre vertices together are you setting your merge value down really low? If not this may be the problem.


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Thanks for that last suggestion, I hadn't thought about re-checking my merge value.

I'll check it out later on.



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