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How can you tell if the laptop runs Maya?


I am looking into buying an affordable laptop to render and model in the events of Hurricans in Florida.
I have never own a laptop before, so I am not sure which of the laptop runs Maya, lasts for a long time, and most importantly a bargain...I still a student.

But what do you think of these laptop links?

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1st: Don’t go for it, crappy video card.

2nd: Same crappy video card.

3rd: This is probably the one you should get.

4th: Another crappy video card.

5th: Again, the same crappy video card.

Got any other questions?
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Getting a laptop to run mayas not impossible but getting a decent graphics card in theres gonna cost you $$, big time, Dell do some that have the Quatro cards in the guises of the M90's, Ive got the XPS M1710 with the Gforce 7900 GTX 512 MB in. runs maya, and anything else I want, great.

I think that the best bet would be the Dell, but I think that the decent cards extra, which in that case I would go with a 17" monitor i.e. the M1710 over the 12" M1210 that way theres more screen real estate which you will need as a 12" might give you some eye strain when using it for a long period of time.

I would have a look for laptops via the cards first off then look for the best RAM and Processor, as an intergrated card wont cut it and the last thing that you want to do is spend the cash on something that dosent really cut it for what you want.

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