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Do not buy a Sager laptop or buy stuff from!!

Do not buy a Sager laptop or buy stuff from!!

I bought a Sager laptop from discountlaptops in May of '06 and it has been nothing but trouble. Shortly after purchasing, it repeatedly overheated and then shut down completely and I had to send it back for repair. Then a couple of months after that, the hard drive became corrupted and i spent several days trying to fix it. Other problems have included white spots appearing on the screen and two of the fans not working, as well as other minor problems.

Now, this last week, I have had problems booting up - the clock won't come on, the disc drive won't work and the sound is ****ed. It also has problems shutting down and restarting. If I use a pin in the hole of the disc drive door to manually eject, then it will start up fine, but when I next boot up the problems will start again... I figured it was a drive problem, so I updated it, uninstalled, completely removed it, but still the problem persists.

So I figured that was the last straw - I want a new laptop - but my Sager warranty has ended. Not to worry, I bought a $200 two year extended warranty from discountlaptops... here's where it gets really good.

discountlaptops sell their warranties through a third party seller - ATS warranties - who have now gone bankrupt. Not only that, discountlaptops has been bought by a new company, so they are not legally obligated to honour my warranty!

So basically I spent $200 on a warranty that isn't worth shit!

so...if you are thinking of buying a laptop from Sager or discountlaptops.....DON'T!!!

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Dude, that's pretty darn unfortunate! Sorry to hear that but thanks for giving us all the heads up (which I'm sure is the only positive side of the situation).

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Thats bad man,

Was it your AMD 64 laptop that you got??

Its really really bad when that happens, with no notice, should have at least told you about the situation, if I could swear about it on the forums I would as thats a pile of ...., hate the way that companys pass the buck and then .... you off knowing that youve got no way round.

I got screwed on a secons hand car warrenty, I was lucky as the garrage sorted the problem out with just parts cost, no labour, which was a godsend as it was the engine mounting bolts that went, which cost a lot to fix the probs that it made.

Have you looked into seeing if you can get the creditors of the warranty company to either sort it out or get money back for a void product? Then again they probably will mess you about.

So bad to hear that man.

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thats horrible,
well, you can always try to sue them or something, that might work.

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Man dood that sucks!!

i just bought a desktop from and made it ($1430)

I have a Q6600 Qaud core precosser and it runs maya like a charm! i would go desktop if you could...

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hey - thanks a lot guys! user added image Just thought I should post my experience in case anyone was looking to deal with either company.

I'd be tempted to take legal action, but I imagine it's probably not worth the time or amount of money it would likely cost...

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I think it sucks, and in holland a company like that would'nt get off that easy.
When a company is going bankrupt they must make sure that they can fulfill their obligations, or a settlement in which it is arranged.

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