Maya for 3D Printing - Rapid Prototyping
In this course we're going to look at something a little different, creating technically accurate 3D printed parts.
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guys need help here

hey everyone . im specialist in photorealistic texturing in maya ,, im wondering how i can Get a job for someone like me ,, i have very good skills and i completed my training , now i try to seek a job but i dont know where start to look ,, i live in Scottsdale Arizona , please guys i need a help here ,, i also have an intermedate level in modeling , animation , rendering , expresions and mel and renderman . ,, maya syflex and shave and hair cut tool ,, and im advanced in photoshop and i also work on realflow 4 , and Zbrush 3 ,, anyone know where i start to look ?

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first, make a demo reel (basically just render out your best texturing jobs, and make a video out of em.

i suggest you focus on what you are best at, which, for you, seems like its texturing.

then make a portfolio site with your work on it, and make the reel available for download. and post it up on sites like this,,, and any other forums you can think of. and if its good enough, eventually you will get hired by someone.


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normally as an actor one would get an agent, as a specialist one would make s show reel and a web site and it push on EVERYONE you know and those you dont know but want to.., if you are good, you'll sell.

dont give up, be passionate and never lose the passion, you lose it you die... well that extreme but you know what I mean..,

go to creative.cow


I think you will find job lists there.., or on the other 3D sites, just keep looking and doing..,

take it easy and life will be easy
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good strting point is there is a section called highend careers. browse through job list maybe you'll find sth

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