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Normal Map


I found in the web filter forge, a program for computing Normal Maps.
But where do I insert a normal Map in Maya?
Is there a specific Material for that input channel?
I road an article in the Anno 1701 community, that normal Maps are used to save Polygons! They said that they render a poly cube to a sphere through the normal Map!
It gives much more Detail with the Map.
A bump or Displacement Map donĀ“t realize that!

( In the Tex area nobody replyed )

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open your browseropen your preffered search engine(like google) and type in; 'normal mapping".
When the search is completed you will find a lot off tutorials and explanations on normal mapping.
Btw you don't need an external program to generate a normal map in maya.
good luck

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Have a look in the help files, saves googleing and you know its for maya.

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