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need help modeling sliding panles on space ship

Hi im fairly new to maya and im trying to model a small cartoony space ship, basically the same as "space man spiffs" (from calvin and hobbes, google to see what i mean).
Anyway I want to animate guns and landing gears coming out from sliding panels on the outside of the ship but im having trouble making panels that are flush with a curved surface.

Im trying to make the panels for detail then later in the animation I want the panels to slide open and laser guns to come out from them and for the ship to land. Hope you know what I mean.

I'm wondering whats the best way to do this. I created the ship using polygons, selecting a couple of faces to make the panels, extracting them, then on the ship making a hollow area for the guns etc to sit in, then sub-d both surfaces and panels but their not that flush with the each other.

Spent all day trying to get this right, can anyone help

Iv attached a pic the area has flatened out but I want it to keep the curvature of the ship.

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