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3DS Max less features?

Ive never used 3DS max before, but it seems like with Maya there are so many features and everything has an option box to change every posible setting you can think of. Is 3DS max the same or is it just basic modeling stuff? does 3DS max have any features that maya doesnt?

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Each are virtually the same yet have different 'cool' features that the other may or may not have.
Your best bet is to go to the Autodesk site and read about each program and the feature list they have. You'll find a lot of them are the same.
Then search in these forums as there has been tons of topics on the two of them, usually mistakenly about which is 'better'. You'll quickly realise that neither is better as they are just tools to do a job.


Examples of bTraffic - a traffic animation tool for Maya
bFlocking - a tool for Maya 8.5+ to generate flocking and swarming behaviours
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Maya spells 3DS Max backwards. Ok, maybe not but they're really similar and now they both have mental ray and vray on them. Well, you have to download vray for Maya but, well you get the point. user added image

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like ive seen the way 3DS max works and it looks totally unlogical and wierd. Maya is simple. you click on something, ajust properties and thats it... anyone else have any opinions?

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I tried using 3DMax once.... i hated it!!!

The UI is built from a programmers perspective, and not an artists. IF you ask me. The way the UI is laid out, and how everything operates.

Though allot of artist swear by it!!! And they say Maya makes no sense. So i guess it's all based on Personal preference.

As for less features.... I doubt it! They both have all the same tools, and maybe labeled differently, and maybe they even operate differently, and I'm sure some tool are more refined in one from the other.

But at the end of the day.... they both produce the same results, and get the Job done.

It's really based on the individual. user added image

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yea. although it seems Maya nCloth is alot more powerful than 3ds max's cloth system

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