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animating a subdiv model

hi - new to the forum.

i've modeled a poly character and the converted it to subdivs for smoothing and adding some finer detail. this is my first time using subdivs. before now i have smoothed a poly mesh using the subdiv proxy method and been left with a low poly version and a hi poly version, so i could use the low for skin weights and animation etc. and then render the hi version. on this model however using subdiv proxy does not smooth it enough / as well as a proper subdiv conversion.

to achieve this with the subdiv method i have created an instance of my poly mesh and then converted that to subdivs. this works fine until i start to crease my subdiv model. when i change from polygon mode to standard mode my original mesh gets deleted meaning i can't skin a low poly model which is obviously easier than a hi-res model.

in a nutshell, i would like to have a subdiv instance of a poly model, and be able to crease the subdiv edges i want.

if it helps you can download my project file here . the area i want to crease on the subdiv is the camera looking thing on the head.

thanks you for any help you can provide


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