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Hidden instance geometry, strange simulation on emitter ??

Hi 2 all

I have a scene with an emitter. The emitter is grouped and that group is parented to the camera so that the meitter moves with the camera.

Now, I have 3 nurbs spheres, each with its own:

lattice deformer, softbody dynamics and turbulance feilds.

These reason for this is I am creating underwater bubbles.

Okay I have setup my emitter to randomly generate the 3 bubbles I created, using the particle instancer.

Everything in my scene looks great just how I want it.

Now something very strange happens from here. I do a play blast and everything is fine. I select my 3 bubble instance geometry and hit CTRL H to hide them.

I do another playblast and my instanced bubbles start to deform all strange as they are being generated.

This only happens when the bubble objects are hidden. Even If I add them to there own layer and make that hidden the same thing happens.

I have tried deleting all NON DEFORMER history But that doesnt work either, in fact that stops the bubble softbody motion altogether.

If anybody can help withis and knows how to sort it that would be great


Andy Gee

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