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Edge Faces selection - Easy question!

I feel slightly silly...after knowing Maya for quite a while, and I can't figure it out.

The question is:

When you make an object into faces mode. You see the little handles to extrude or whatever you want. I am working on a hand model and I need to select the edge of the square (for example). However, for some reason, I MUST have clicked a hotkey that made the handles on the edges go away.

So, now I only see handles (small blue squares), in the middle of all the faces, not the edges like I remember seeing them.

I have tried looking on Help, and I don't even know what it's called. I kept searching Face Edge Selection, edge selection, faces, blah blah. No avail.

I have tried turning the tools back into default. No avail.

this is just annoying. So..Help?

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select>convert selection, maybe?

im kind of confused as to what you can't do. When selecting faces, it should not select the corresponding edges, it should select the FACE.

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Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! NEVERMIND!

Yeah you're absolutely right. I needed to select the edge of the face in order to make a wedge. I *thought* there was somehow can select the face of the edge...I just couldn't figure it out....until now. LOL!

And doink - I have to select the face, then convert to Edge selection tool, then select the edge in order to make the wedge.


Man do I feel like a nooooob. :-D

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