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# 1 05-06-2008 , 07:45 PM
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render size

Hey I'm currently on a games development course and my current project is to create a room interior animation. i've created the animation with cameras lighting etc and it's ready to render out. so i set the render size to 640 x 480, and got it all ready. but for some reason all my frames are coming out at 640 x 240. i keep trying to get them out at 640 x 480 but it's always in some kind of widescreen. when i made the height larger it rendered out at something like 900 x 300.
please could someone helep me, i could really do with having the scene rendered before monday.

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It sounds like a res problem, what is the image resolution in the render globals?


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Render Globals? is that the same as the render settings?
my settings are set at 72 ppi
sorry if that's not global. if it isn't could you please, tell me how to find it.
thank you sooooo much! user added image

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Render globals and render settings are the same thing, they just renamed it in later versions.


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thanks, my settings are set at that user added image
i've given up and just opened another file and imported the animation .mb into it and it's working fine, minus the lights, which are easily replaceable. is there any other downside to doing this?

thanks for all your help! user added image

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This means your film gate is most likely different than your resolution gate.

An easy, albeit inaccurate, way to fix it fast with one click, is to turn on "Ignore res gate"user added image

This usually happens when the resulution and/or focal length get changed when folks are trying out different lens-looks, and resolutions etc.

Happens to all of ususer added image
No big dealuser added image

Good luck!

PS: I moved this to the right forum as welluser added image

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