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Copy and paste

I'v got a few simple questions.
How do you change the background colour of a render?
Is there a simple way to drag a model while pressing a button to copy it?

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well to change the background the camera you're rendering in...once your camera is selected...on the tabs menu...there should be a tab called "enviornment" in there u will see its black...thats the color you change to change your bg color in renders and as far as your second not quite sure if I understand what you're asking

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in 3D Studio Max if you hold shift and move an object you can duplicate/instance it. If you hold alt in photoshop and drag a layer you create a copy of it.

I believe that is what is desired here.

As for how to do such a thing in Maya? I'm not quite sure. But if you hit ctrl+d you get a duplicate and can move that as you please.

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Thanx both have helped

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