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Pick up local coordinates


I've placed a locator in relation to an object of my scene (this object has its own coordinate system) and I would like to know how to pick up the coordinates of this object in the local coordinate system (not world coordinates).

I want to do that because I want then use these coordinates in a MEL program to place the locator in relation to the object whatever the position of the object is in the scene...

Thank you

EDIT : Orthography...

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The center of the poly primitives is 0,0,0, but this will be reletive to the world co-ords with its origin on 0,0,0.

So if a cube 5,5,5 will have is local origin at 0,0,0 but in world it would be at 0,2.5,0. How to get MEL to pick this up would be getting the co-ords of the vertices. The cube would have 8 verts 4 top and 4 bottom each occupying its own space.

Enough theory... Have a look at this link:

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