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Replace object with Maya 2008

I am working with Maya 2008 and i was wondering if there is a way to replace objects in the scene with different object fast. Basically i have around 120 triangles(Globe glass), they all the same objects, i want to replace the Glass with a different color Glass and texture that i made but i dont want to start placing 120 object again. If someone knows something say something.
- all the objects are the same shape and size,
- just want to replace all the 120 object with new object(the same size and same shape, it is basically copy one of the object) without moving the 120 object around,

I tried tool/script swapper(from highend3d) , It works, the script replace the new object with the target object , but the problem is after done it the objects move out of the position to 0 right in the middle of grid, like snap it to grid, it bit hard when you have globe round shape and the glasses moved around,

I need help in easy way


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here is the image,

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the problem is, as far I understand this you need to have the pivots and orientation to be the same from both - original and replaced objects. because when you replace objA with objB you might want to point and orientconstraint the new pieces to the exact same point in space and with same orientation then the old pieces. so- if you detached all your pieces from a big original object this wont work, because you could center pivots but what about the orientation?

but you said the new stuff is basically just a copy of your old pieces - so why donĀ“t you just assign a new shader? this would be much easier. and in case you have different UVs on the new stuff you could also transfer UVsets.

other than that I wrote a script once with the help of other folks. i think it was this script

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i'd say unless this is an animation where the new pieces move in to replace the old pieces i would instead put both objects in the same place and then simply animate the visibility of each object. voila it looks like the new one magically replaced the old one.

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