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# 1 08-01-2009 , 01:28 PM
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Spec value coming from alpha channel?


doing some texturing for the first time in ages, and have just created a spec map. when I apply it to my material, the spec value is coming from the alpha channel, not the main image (I can tell because I've got a uv layout in the alpha channel that that is now creating a spec highlight). In the hypershade, the connections does say alpha (as it always does for bump spec etc) but I don't think this should be happening.

any ideas or suggestions?



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If you double click the little arrow connecting your file to your shader it will open the connection editor. Then you can connect the out color > specular color.

# 3 25-01-2009 , 03:28 AM
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sorry for the delayed reply haven't been posting much recentley.

I have re-appleid the texture and it is fine now - this has happened to me before, re-apply and it is fine - never had to manually go from colour to spec before. Still not sure why I've had to apply and re-apply.

Odd that no one else has seen this issue before, thanks for the response.



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You can allways check luminance as alpha.

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