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# 1 17-06-2009 , 01:16 PM
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Animation Grow object , need help

hi everyone, I know that is simple and bit silly question but sometime simple question could be night marry,

I am trying animate the arrow that grows around the globe
from number 1 grows small and till number 2 , so what do you think?

I know how to animate object along the curve, but this is arrow and the shape gets change from 1 to 2, I mean looks like bit scale,
I try many ways, bit didnt got the right success yet, like animate and key the vertex,

do you know/have better idea?
look at the image please

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# 2 17-06-2009 , 01:23 PM
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# 3 17-06-2009 , 01:32 PM
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I was thinking about that, its growing in circle shape, for blend shape you need 2 object, so blend shapes turn the first object to the second shape,

still I am thinking how, any idea? something simple and easy, I have 20 arrows need to be animated, if I get the first one the rest will be duplicated,


share your idea

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