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Create Polygon Tool Issue (NEWB)

Ok this might be so easy but SOMEONE please help me it is driving me crazy.

In Maya how do I get the Create Polygon Tool to stop making the pink mask over the area of the object I am creating. If I am tracing from an image behind it I can't see the image if that damn pink mask keeps showing.



# 2 01-08-2009 , 12:04 AM
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press return... but that seems too easy.

you should only really be making a square shape with the create polygon tool anyway.

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With your image reference, did you create a camera image plane, or did you map your image reference onto a polygonal plane? Eventhough I never used the Create Polygon Tool, what I do, and since for some reason my computer cannot handle camera image planes, I would map my reference onto a polygonal plane, turn on texture view by pressing the 6 key, and then go into the Lambert 1 attributes and bump up the transparancy roughly to about 25%. This allows me to see the image reference as well as being able to see the polygonal mesh I am working.
However, if you are using a camera plane, and I am not too sure if this will work, but you may try viewing that viewport in X-Ray mode. You can activate this by going to the to viewport menu and choosing Shading->X-Ray.

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My way is to simply click the mouse button but do not let go of the mouse button and just drag the new vertex until you can see your reference image again and then move the vertex to the required position and release the mouse button.

Not ideal and may or may not work all the time but that's the simple method I use.

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