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# 1 18-08-2003 , 08:12 AM
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split polygon tool - help please

Hi there.
I'm currently attempting Dave K 'the hobbit guy' 's head modelling tutorial.

and it seemed fairly straight foward, except !
on page 2:

where he says to split the silhoutte polygon with the split polygon tool, it appears that he can draw and position the splits where he wants them, to create the contour.

when I try this, my split polygon tool snaps between edges, usually forming a tri poly split.

Is there an option i need to change to affect this? or an I reading the tut wrong?

any help would be appreciated.


# 2 18-08-2003 , 08:19 AM
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We have a free "split polygon tutorial" in the free section that goes through settings etc...

It may help!

The hobbit guys tutorial may be a little hard for a brand new user... get to know the tool and settings and then have another go user added image

# 3 18-08-2003 , 08:41 AM
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Thanks Kevin user added image

I'm actually a long time Max user, and have a pretty good handle on poly modelling. Just some of these Maya differences confuse me at times user added image
downloading the tut now user added image


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