Introduction to Maya - Modeling Fundamentals Vol 2
This course will look in the fundamentals of modeling in Maya with an emphasis on creating good topology. It's aimed at people that have some modeling experience in Maya but are having trouble with complex objects.
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Video Problem Related to Maya

ok, i'm been out of this forum for quite a long time and now i'm back here... with a problem, that is! here in my part of the globe, Asia (I'm from Nepal), most of the computers are assembled as they are cheaper, unlike the european n other countries...... I too have an assembled one and am currently using a core 2 duo E8400 processor with Intel G41 mother board and 2 GB DDR2 RAM. i still don't have any graphics card (except for onboard one). I recently bought this system, esp for MAYA n other 3D programs. I did install it and all but it won't run in this system!!!!! It crashes the moment splash screen goes off and the main window comes! the error generated is "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable error". i've tried installing new "C++ ... 2008 " version but to no avail. i've asked the vendor to fix it, but they too are not being able to solve it. i know this is not a 'troubleshooting' website, but i hope someone might be able to help me....
its the same for XSI 7 and Zbrush but 3Ds Max runs well. other softwares like Adobe Photoshop and Aftereffects, works well too....

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My guess is that it has something to do with you not having a videocard, onboard videocards don't work that well.
But it's just a guess

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u r correct.. but i used to run Maya in previous computers with no external graphics cards at all n used to have no prob at all, be it in modeling, animation, rigging, lighting or renderin. so why now????? :angery: :headbang: :headbang:

u r correct to say that coz i uninstalled the current display adapter and installed an older one (i got it frm my fren) and it worked!!!! now Maya runs but few other softwares still don't work at all, like XSI, Zbrush etc etc.
Mayb i should get an external G-Card... but i'll have to wait for app a month, for my paycheck ie.

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thats not a graphics card error, it's got nothing to do with him missing a card (as far as i can tell)

when you installed c++ 2008 did you mean you installed visual studio 2008? or just the c++ component (i dunno if that's possible)

what operating system are you using and is it up to date?

have you tried reinstalling windows?

that's a "Ch" pronounced as a "K"

Computer skills I should have:
Objective C, C#, Java, MEL. Python, C++, XML, JavaScript, XSLT, HTML, SQL, CSS, FXScript, Clips, SOAR, ActionScript, OpenGL, DirectX
Maya, XSI, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Motion, Illustrator, Flash, Swift3D
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I've tinkered with Maya on an integrated video card and it doesn't work with Vista, Windows 7 yes, but on Vista it didn't work once.

- Genny
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i'm using vista ultimate and also used vista black edition and yes, it is up to date, but it's d same. i've reinstalled OS three times but still nothing.
with c++ 2008, i meant "Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)".

to GecT, my studio (animation studio) is currently working with MAYA 2008 (we've tried both 8.5 full fledgely and also 2009) on Windows Vista Ultimate!!! if u didn't knew it works with Vista....
the specs used in my studio are
at least core 2 duo 3.0 ghz
G45 or above
and every system has got at least 256 MB (lates) graphics card.

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