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Windows 7 or vista..?

Hello everyone
I am planning to buy new Laptop. But I'm so confused about the purchase system Windows 7 or Vista which one is best. So please share your experience so I can get some ideas. which one is better..?
Thanks in advance,

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Im loving windows 7 at the mo on my main PC but hated vista with every fibure of my body - vista was a failure in every which way - get windows 7.

But if your using it just for Maya save the money and get a desktop as most laptop Graphic cards suck for Maya

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From what I hear, Windows 7 is MUCH better on the ram usage.

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Vista was "o.k." never had too big of a problem with it but Windows 7 kicks its butt.

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I agree about Windows 7. I have found the memory management as NextDesign mentioned to be quite good.

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Not tried Windows 7 myself but I hear very good reports regarding it.

Vista isn't too bad once you switch all the rubbish off, but its still very resource hungry.

If I was buying now, I would go Windows 7.

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I personally can't stand either but 7 is definitely better than vista in every way

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