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Mech Warrior Tutorial

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to ask a question, does the mech warrior tutorial stop at part 20, because it says up to part 29 but when I start downloading part 21-29 the out put link says SANTA so I downloaded it to see and it was the bonus package of the santa tutorial, but the link says Mech Warrior!!

I did work through all 20 part which contains the mech warrior, I just feel the tutorial didnt end there

Is there anyone who can tel me if it ends at part 20, because there is no final render or goodbyes ?

Kind Regards


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Hi there,

The mechwarrior tutorial was re-released as a christmas special and included a santa tutorial in addition if you purchased it via the instant checkout system.

Tha santa tutorial is therefore parts 21-29 on the page, and the mechwarrior parts 1-20. So if you've downloaded it with points the tutorial finishes at part 20 with the animation (rather than a final render), and if you've purchased it via instant checkout (which I can see you have) the full 29 parts will be available for download.

I hope this answers your question,

# 4 13-01-2010 , 07:22 AM
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Thanks !!

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