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# 1 27-02-2010 , 09:08 PM
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load pre-made script

Hi. I need to load a free script that I have downloaded. Normally I would load the mel file into the script editor, highlight the entire thing, and save it as a button onto the shelf. With this particular script I get a button, but it doesn't do anything. The instructions for the script say:

It is a mel script only, therefore just copy it in the desired script location, source AxCrack.mel and run AxCrack.

I dont really understand this. Do I need to load the script in a different way? Any help much appreciated!

# 2 27-02-2010 , 09:41 PM
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Some scripts will need to be executed manually.

Type AxCrack(); into your script editor and run that.

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# 3 27-02-2010 , 11:29 PM
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Do I need to put the script file somewhere special?

# 4 28-02-2010 , 12:33 AM
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Typically here on a PC:

C:\Documents and Settings\<userName>\My Documents\maya\scripts

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