Introduction to Maya - Rendering in Arnold
This course will look at the fundamentals of rendering in Arnold. We'll go through the different light types available, cameras, shaders, Arnold's render settings and finally how to split an image into render passes (AOV's), before we then reassemble it i
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Demo Reel!

Just "finished" my demo reel (a demo reel is never finished, right?). Let me know what you think, or if that's too vague, what's your favorite and least favorite shot. If you like it, maybe like it user added image... no not Facebook "like"... ew. Vimeo like it. user added image

Demo Reel 2011 on Vimeo

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I love the way you put that together man, this is the first time I've managed to sit through a demo reel. Great job!

How did you set up the part with the turntables? Was it just put together in After Effects? I loved that bit

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I liked it is's different which after you've sat through several million of the same demo real is quite nice

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Cool man love it.....the bedroom was a bit dark but the whole thing was pretty damn good mate...well done!

cheers bullet


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Seriously Creative user added image Love it!

# 6 17-01-2011 , 03:26 PM
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I really liked the turntable idea. Very creative. Very different. Keep it up


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Thanks everyone! Yeah, I wanted to try something different and more than just turning models with wireframes wiping on and off. The turntables were built and animated in maya, rendered with mental ray, then composited and buttons added with after effects.

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very nice man, i like it.
although i agree the bedroom is dark.

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Thanks... and fair enough about the bedroom. In my defense, I didn't actually light that scene, that's the one short that was a group project as mentioned in the vimeo description. For that shot I modelled and textured almost the whole room, and was in charge of file management, scene organization and cleanup, rendering etc etc. and I did the animation for the other shot from that short.

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What software was that you used to make that pointer click on and off. Does that feature come with Maya. If so which version of Maya. That was amazing, very different than you normally see out there, Cleaver user added image

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I like it a lot stwert. I really like the lazy Susie and the music and agree it is very creative.

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Its okay but the editing needs sorting. It jumps to and from the subjects too often. I found myself going 'why'?


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Thanks guys... Jay, I agree, for my next iteration I'll make sure it's more cohesive and be a bit more selective. It's from January. It was a great learning experience, but there's many things I would change.

PenPixels, that's all after effects. I animated the turntable to how I thought it should be in Maya in terms of swivelling back and forth, and then did the mouse and buttons and wireframe transitions in AE.

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