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What is the best way to show off a Texturing Demo Reel?


Just wondering what is the best way to show off a Texturing Demo Reel?

My reel consists of photorealistic Shading and Lighting stills and probably have a camera pan around the scene.

How do you render in passes if the lights that I use are Final Gather, Global Illumination and HDRI?

How would you show off the light passes on a Shading and Lighting Reel?

What is the best music to use for a Shading and Lighting reel? Without being sue of course.

Any suggestions would be really great. Thanks.

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I can't give you so called "industry"-advice, since i don't work in the industry i will give you some common advice though.

First of all i would show only your best texturing work and make it rotate.
The music has to complement the reel not dominate the reel and make sure it's not slipknot or something like that.
If i would ever make a texturingreel i would go for some loungemusic, easier on the ears.

As an answer to your question;
In the channelbox on the bottomright there's a little thing called layers and in that vicinity there's a little checbox with renders behind it check this box and a render layer overview create the number of layers you need add the objects to the layers .
Left of the layername there's a symbol (can't remember witch one), that will lead to the renderglobals, select the renderer of your choosing and rmb-click left of this box and select create renderoverride, set the settings you want. and repeat this steps for al the other layers.
Hope this helped

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