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Tank treads, lattice and grouping issue

Hi all,

First post here. I'm a relative newbie with Maya, been learning for roughly 8 months so I may be missing something very simple. I've just finished modelling a robot and after scouring the net I decided to follow this tutorial for making the tank treads on the robot:

Seemed like the best solution for me without having to delve into any scripting or nCloth. Will only be used for forward/backward motion. This worked fine on the first tread but then when I came to grouping and then duplicating I've run into a few issues. When trying to move the 2nd set of treads over to the other side I'm getting double translations. I'm not sure whether I should be grouping everything (the track objects, the nurb circles and the lattice) and then moving the whole group or moving the lattice? If anyone has any experience with this tutorial I'd really appreciate any help?



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i have followed this tutorial and it worked for me. It takes alot to make it look "realistic" and find a new way to do this if your are a perfectionist because you will never get it perfect with this setup because of the lattice.

The lattice will stretch or shrink your geometry which I found unsuitable to me except for cartoon tracks or something quick.

However, for your issue, make sure before you duplicate to delete history and group.

select the group > duplicate and then everything should translate the same.

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I found using the create animation snapshot was better for me........dave

Edit:Should have add theres a free tutorial on this site by ctbram (free friday)

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