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Painting weights stopped working

Hi, I'm working on posing this creature I made, and when I was painting weights I realized that somehow, I don't know when it happened, a piece of my geometry was missing. When I used a poly plane to fill the hole, and combined it to my mesh, my paint weights stopped working.

I now have a would-be interestingly posed creature, with the weights only half painted, and the smooth skin bind still in tact. (that's the confusing part. The skin bind is still there, I just can't paint weights. I even deleted the piece of mesh I added, and nothing.)

Will I have to delete the skin bind and redo the paint weights to fix it?

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The old mesh is probably still there in your history, check in the hypergraph and see which mesh the skin is plugged into, probably your old hidden geo which is then effecting the new combined geometry.

Unhide it and thats the one you can paint on, you can try and transfer the vertex weight, might not work since the typology is now different but you can do a distance transfer i think.

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