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Painting weights tool not working

Hi guys,

I've had this issue with maya 2012 for a while now but as I didn't use the tool that much it didn't bother me...until now, my issue is whenever I select the option to paint, the brush doesn't work, it doesn't show the red circle on the model to show its ready to use nor does it do anything when clicking or dragging on it, I have no idea what it could be as all the settings are default on it and I've never really used it in the past so I couldn't of messed it up, any ideas?


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One thing you might check is to make sure under the Renderer > Default Quality Rendering is checked, the Renderer is located in the panel bar at the top of each view port.

If you have it set to High Quality Rendering then it will always be viewed as a HQ render and negate the "visuals" of the Paint Skin Weights Tool.

How are you selecting the joint to paint ? it's Important to select them from the list of influences in the paint skin weights tool settings.

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Yeah I wasn't selecting the joints from the list of influences, thanks for the help, but when I re-opened the scene in question, it looked very very weird, see picture, any reason why that has happened?,

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