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batch render duplicate object

Weird problem encountered during batch render. After i rendered them, there seem to have a duplicate object appearing in the images. In my scene, i didnt have such object in it.

When i rendered the current frame, everything looks okay but when i batch render, the object appear again. Is there any solution?

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I had a similar issue with a character prop.

Character was holding a bread bun parented to one of the finger joints, I then had a sausage parented to the bread bun and finally after this I had duplicated the bread to use elsewhere. The sausage was also a duplicate of a few sausages.

Any way, no idea where amongst the layers of grouping/duplicating it went wrong but my bread bun was showing a non existent duplicate in my batch renders, seemingly only after the frame at which I had duplicated it onwards...

So, if it's any help my solution was to remove the object (being duplicated in batch) from any grouping then used a parent constraint instead.

Hopefully someone has a better answer than this, Id like to know exactly what to avoid next time. I'm on Maya 2011 btw.

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I had the same problem with a robot animation.

The head of the robot was duplicated in batch render where all looks fine in view port and render view.
MichaelC, your workaround might not be a permanent solution of the problem, but it worked for me in this case. Thanks

I'm using Maya 2012, but this doesn't look to be related to a specific maya version. If anyone could explain what goes wrong that would be great.

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