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Problem with "Create Polygon Tool"


I begin with Maya 2012 and I've got a problem with modeling : I put my "images plane" (face and profile) on the scene, and when I click "Mesh - Create Polygon Tool", this little message appears : "Click to place each vertex....", it's ok, I can create polygons, BUT these polygons are lying on the scene (see image attached), and not on my drawing (image plane). Can you help me ?...
Thank you.

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I think you can only use this in front, side or top vue not prespective...........dave

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Thank you

Ahh thank you ! It's ok now.

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This is why I am not a fan of interactive object creation. In the poly menu at the bottom is a check box if you uncheck it, interactive object creation will be turned off and a unit primitive will be created at the origin.

However, if you do chose to use it then it is easiest to create the shapes from one of the orthogonal views as dave suggested.

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