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Object combine problem

I have a character existing out of multiple objects. I want to rig this character, so I have to combine them. Now the problem is that if I combine these objects, I get a perfect mesh without material. How do I combine objects while keeping the materials?

Arne Gevaert

The object before combining, materials are fine.
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The object after combining, materials are gone, I selected it in the Outliner.
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HIt 6 on the keyboard..I just combined to object with different materials and its fine?

cheers bullet


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No, this is not what I meant.
When you combine the objects, you get one PolySurface1 in the Outliner, and all the objects you had before with a white rectangular shape and a red arrow as icon. I want to animate this model and export it to an engine, and therefore I have to have one single mesh, so I have to delete the previous objects, or I won't be able to import it nicely in the engine. When I delete the original objects, what you get is one polygon mesh without materials attached to it. Since every original object had a separate material, I can't reassign them that easy. A possible solution might be to assign different materials to manually selected faces, one the same object, although I don't know how to do this.

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Problem solved! Apparently it is as easy as selecting the faces and assigning the material. Thanks anyway!

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