Beer glass scene creation
This course contains a little bit of everything with modeling, UVing, texturing and dynamics in Maya, as well as compositing multilayered EXR's in Photoshop.
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Hi res hard surface modeling and normal mappig techniques thread;

Hi, i am planning to start a project to learn more about the hi res modelling and normal mapping techniques. I thought it would be nice to start a thread where people share their techniques and such.

I am having some problems while trying to get what i need while modelling for normal mapping. I have seen some tutorials but still, they are fast in time like 4X and can't see what exactly the mentor is doing.

Here's a hi res weap modeling from Tor Frick in his vimeo channel;

Scifi Rifle Modelling - part1 on Vimeo

And here is another one for modular environment;

3D modelling on Vimeo

Vitaly Bulgarov on next gen characters;

Character Design and Modeling for Next-Gen Games - YouTube

I want to start with working edges. Here's a question; What should be the right understanding for working with local extrusions and adding extra local edges for sharpening edges in subdiv meshes.

A basic mesh i did. On the 3rd one , say i just want to sharpen the bottem extrusion's edges and leave the top one round.. If i add an edge along the extrusions side, the one on the top also gets hardened. How should i edit my extrusions and edges for spesific parts of the model?

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I think the trouble you are going to have is you will create a flat edge on a rounded surface, you need to increase the number of divisions on you cylinder to say 30 or 60 then for 30 select 3 faces to extrude (6 for 60)...........dave

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