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# 1 09-10-2012 , 11:22 PM
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Zbrush UV/Polypaint issues? UV Map messes up before export?

Hello. I am having troubles exporting the polypaint map from Zbrush to be imported into Maya?

The map is perfect when I haven't touched a thing or any of the settings...

But when I go to Texture Map > New from Polypaint, The UV Map messes up on the arms and on the lips. The polypaint goes out of place.

I have already UV Mapped the model using UV Mapper, and reimporting it into the SubTool palette.

The UV Map works fine, but when I click New from Polypaint, that's when I have problems.

I have a before picture, before I clicked any of the settings, then an after picture showing what happens after I click the New From Polypaint. I also have a picture of my settings.


user added image

AFTER (With New From Polypaint)

user added image


user added image

HERE IS A PICTURE OF THE BODY MESH IN MAYA, You can see how misplaced the map is.

user added image

What do I do? Thank you for your time.

- Justin

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Please, I need help. This is for my college project. My school doesn't teach Zbrush, and nobody in my class plays with this program but me. The teacher says I can bring in a character from Zbrush into Maya and rig it for my graded project.

But I can't until I get this texture right.

Can somebody please, please help me?

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What do your UVs look like with texture on in maya the UVs might need flipping or the texture, also check that that there is no transparencey on the shader.............dave

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