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Blank screen in maya when opening exported files

Hello peeps,

I am a student studying modelling and animations and i recently came across this problem when my maya files, here is what happened.

I modelled a few objects in the same scene and tried to export an object out into an individual file. The exported object when opened in maya shows a blank screen (the toolbars etc remains) and the script editor shows // Error: Could not open command port commandportDefault because that name is in use. I closed all other maya files and turned off the port as suggested in some forums

The files still remain the same, is the file corrupted? user added image

I already tried :

1) reinstalling maya
2) turning off the port
3) saving it as a ma instead of a mb

PS: I am using the maya 2012 student edition.

I hope there is sufficiant information, thank you for your time user added image


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