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UV Mapping Problem

Hi again,

I have another problem, this time with UV mapping.

I’m trying to map this column (it has no top or bottom) so I selected cylindrical mapping.

However it has two UVs connected by an edge that I can’t work out why this is so? This is really messing up my work so I could really use some help. Thanks.

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It almost looks like your missing a few faces there, I would try it again, and mess around with the handle that comes can do a lot by using that, should come up right when you hit cylindrical mapping

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You might have to do some manual cleanup, that's pretty normal. Use the cut edge, move and sew edge tools. And if you have to, you can split a UV too, move things around and sew things back up.

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for your replies.

I went back and had another shot at mapping it but it still didn't work. So I scaled the row of vertices out that was causing the problem and it mapped great. Seems it was having trouble with the twists in the geometry. Oh well, all good now. Thanks.

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Go buy NinjaUV and you will fall in love with it. I am not gonna say don't know how to do UV mapping in general but this plugin will save loads of time and allow for perfect UV's on even the hardest of models. I use it daily...

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