Integrating 3D models with photography
Interested in integrating your 3D work with the real world? This might help
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All steps to get a good model

As topic says. I felt like making a thread about all the steps there is to make a good model. As i've been training head modeling since 1 year back now I wanna see what there is else to do.
This is how I would do (if I knew how to, I want to learn all of theese steps):

1. Modeling your model
2. Detailing your model in Mudbox
3. Create hair in Maya using tools in Maya
4. Optional: clothes using Marvelous Designer 2
5. Unwrapping the textures
6. Texturing in Photoshop
7. AO/displacement/bump/specular etc maps in Knald (?) (just found this program. I'm gonna explore it now and see what it is. user added image

Theese are the steps i would go through to get a complete and finished model. Is there anything i'm missing? user added image Im still learning guys!

Then theres rigging/animating also...

Just thought this would be a fun idéa to explore. Feel free to make your own step by step on your adventure through finishing a high detailed model. user added image


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You can also texture and send your files back and forth to photoshop in mudbox, and bump, occlusion and spec................dave
1. Model in maya
2. UV in maya
3. High detail mudbox
4. texture in mudbox
5. create maps in mudbox

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okay user added image not so good with all the texturing and so on.. but i will get there user added image thanks

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